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Jiangsu Daoming Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Binjiang Fine Chemical Industry Park, Qidong economic development zone, Jiangsu province, is a fine chemical production enterprise invested by Shanghai Xintianhe industrial Co., Ltd. The company covers an area of 155.4 mu (1 mu = 0.0667 hectares), and implements a project with the annual output of 24, 000 tons of dicumyl peroxide (DCP).

The product process of DCP is mature, advanced, and its safety measures are under control. The whole process uses DCS control and ESD emergency shutdown system. The peroxidation reaction adopts the advanced low-pressure dry-type peroxidation process. The system adopts the DCS to indicate, alarm, control the process, and adopts the SIS system to take safety interlock measures for important and key processes related to safety. Its production scale, process technology, product quality, and production cost can reach the international leading level. The products are mainly used for the crosslinking agents in rubber, plastic processing, and mainly supplied for EVA and EPS industries, and more than 50% of the products are exported into European and American (American Continent) market.

The company has been approved by IS09001 quality management system. In terms of green development, the waste water and waste gas pollution control is implemented with high standards and the clean production is promoted. The waste water discharge standard of the company is far lower than the acceptance standards of the industrial park. The company strictly implements the relevant regulations of national environmental protection, and designs the factory for the clean production in order to ensure the operation of green production.



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